Welcome to the 2018 AFS Annual Meeting, being held this year, in conjunction with FPA in Chicago!
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Ginger Phillips, EdD

Executive Director
Ginger Phillips serves as the Executive Director in the Aria National Executive Office in Belleair Bluffs, Florida. She is also the principal for Arden Solutions, LLC (AS) which provides this service as a 1099 contractor for consulting, research, executive director and administrative services. Services may be selected individually, such as a research project or meeting planning, or for full association management services as an association management company (AMC). The AMC approach offers many benefits to its clients such as consistent budgeting while reducing the burden of employee management. By apportioning expenses for equipment, computers, software, storage, and the like, our clients efficiently share the costs, saving money for each. Time, of course, is the most expensive asset. Each association’s management needs wax and wane based on projects such as conferences, board meeting preparation/board meetings, fundraising, and so on. Shared staff allow for more time when needed. This efficiency serves our clients well